About LTSC

The world is a busy place, and too often we fail to make time for ourselves. This leads to stress, exhaustion, burn out, and can exacerbate physical and mental conditions. Too often we are playing catch up with ourselves- catching up on sleep, catching up on that missed meal, catching up on activities that bring us joy, catching up with people who energize us.

But what if we were consciously proactive? What if… we made ourselves our number one priority? What if, instead of playing catch up, we just did the stuff our bodies, minds, and souls need to thrive habitually?

Lions, & Tigers, & Self Care is a resource for adult human beings to learn the art and craft of self care. There are no “self care” experts, only people who have figured out what works for them in¬†their lives.

Our goal is to spread awareness, knowledge, and improve our communities by improving ourselves.


Lions, & Tigers, & Self Care began as a private Facebook group in the Autumn of 2015 administered by My Brain Hates Me. Recognizing the need for a safe space to discuss self care tactics and ask for guidance, MBHM gathered her closest friends. Then those friends invited their friends to the group, and the group continues to flourish.